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Enforcement Post Brexit
In the UK it is suggested that EU Regulations can be transposed into domestic law via the so-called “Great Repeal Bill” or The European Union (withdrawal) Bill. English courts will continue to apply an essentially similar regime post-Brexit. This would be applicable for the Rome I and II Regulations. In contrast, the Brussels I Recast Regulation depends upon reciprocity and sincere cooperation between member states. If the UK is not a member of the agreed scheme then transposing the Brussels I rules into UK domestic law is of no assistance. […]

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BREXIT - Implications for the different areas of law

Since Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on 29 March 2017, beginning the formal process of negotiating the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, the primary question is what impacts Brexit will have to contractual parties and different areas of law. It is already foreseeable that international performance may become more difficult and costly […]

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ZIMMERs is on TV – about the issue of “Insolvency tourism”


ZIMMERs Solicitors is regularly engaged in problems concerning “insolvency tourism”. ZIMMERs mainly represents creditors who - for various reasons - feel that insolvency procedures in the UK are inappropriate. In this context Mr Zimmer, Senior Partner of ZIMMERs Solicitors, was interviewed by a major German public broadcaster, ZDF, in connection with insolvency proceedings of an investor adviser who - according to the German courts - had defrauded a great number of private investors of an eight figure Euro sum. Please open this link to watch the interview.



The Legal Consequences Following the “Brexit” Vote

On 23 June 2016 British voters by a majority of 51.9% voted in favour of the UK leaving the European Union (EU). In the face of potential uncertainties following from this result one must not forget […]

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What constitutes an “accident” under Art. 17 Montreal Convention 1999?

One of the three requirements for a carrier by air to be held liable under Art. 17 of the Montreal Convention for death and injury of passengers, is that the death or injury was caused by an accident […]

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New Court of Appeal decision – interpretation of “harmful events” under Art 5 (3) EC Regulation 44/2001

According to a very recent Court of Appeal decision from AMT’s High Court claim (the Defendant instructed ZIMMERs), it was decided that a tortfeasor, who was the Defendant, can be sued in his domestic […]

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Reform of the Brussels I Regulation

The reform of the Brussels I Regulation is about to come into place on 10 January 2015 with a view of saving litigants costs and time of enforcing judgments obtained abroad […]

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