Our law office specialises in cases dealing with Cross-Border matters, especially between Germany and England and Wales. We represent small and medium-sized companies, insurance companies and associations, as well as private individuals in Civil Law matters and also in questions regarding Tax and Criminal Law.


ZIMMERs was founded by Gunter Zimmer in 1997, when he realised that comprehensive representation for German clients was lacking in England. He had previously managed the London office of Beiten Burkhardt Mittl & Wegener. Having won a grant to study at King’s College, London, he qualified as a Solicitor in 1991.


Our main focus is on helping German clients in all legal matters involving England as a foreign country. Besides explaining legal situations in England, we also pursue our clients‘ rights before English authorities and courts. Our team is fully qualified to give fast, effective legal advice. We are experienced in English and German law and our clients benefit from the many years of experience in both legal systems and both cultures. Our German background enables our team to explain the differences and peculiarities of each law during the proceedings. All our solicitors and employees are fluent in at least two languages, so misunderstandings in content or language are avoided, making consultations more efficient. Our strength lies in the personal, individual support given to each client.


Having been established in London for so many years and having made so many business connections here, our practice has a range of services far beyond out-of-court advice and legal representation of our clients. ZIMMERs assists its clients in practical ways, not simply with legal problems: we provide support for our clients in estate and tax management in England, can advise on insolvency matters, trace debtors, assist with buying and selling property and deal with inheritance matters. We also offer prompt, qualified translations of (legal) documents at a reasonable cost. At the same time, we are happy to co-operate with German colleagues in all matters pertaining to English jurisdiction.


ZIMMERs has been a trusted German law office for insurance companies, companies and private individuals for more than 15 years. We get really involved for our clients and find solutions.


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