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Cross-border matters England/Wales


- Legal Services in English and German

- Legal Representation before English courts and authorities

- Cross-border Tort Claims

- Cross-border mergers

- Registration and Enforcment of foreign judgments


Contact for foreign colleague lawyers and legal insurers


Debt collection of domestic and foreign companies


Qualified translations


Other services


- Estate and tax management in England/Wales

- Litigation Management

- Identifying and Verifying of postal addresses for valid service in England/Wales

- Provision of expert opinions on English law



SRA Transparency Rules – Fee Guidelines for certain areas of law we provide services in


Please note the below does not constitute a binding offer but is provided for the purpose of providing information only and to comply with Rule 1 of the SRA Transparency Rules.


Please further note, that we deal with several additional areas of law which are not stated in the table below. You can check the full list of areas of law on our webpage under “Areas of Law”.


Hourly Rates and Fee Earners


Our hourly rates amount to GBP 190 - 290 (excl. VAT) and depend on the fee earner working on the case and the complexity of the matter.


The fees do not include any expenses, for instance for postage, barrister, expert reports, address search, Liquidity Asset checks, Enforcement proceedings or court fees. Of course, we will discuss any such costs with you in advance.


Depending on the complexity and nature of the matter, we will choose a suitable fee earner based on their experience and seniority to deal with your matter, for instance, Gunter Zimmer is a Grade A Fee Earner with more than 15 years’ experience and Katharina Liebe is a Grade B Fee Earner with 7.5+ years’ experience. The lawyer working on your case may be assisted by another colleague in our firm whom we consider suitable for this task, for instance a Paralegal or Trainee Solicitor.


Estimated Time Exposure


The time estimated for the work stated in the table below is only a rough estimate and obviously depends on the matter (in particular the complexity, the volume of the documents, the claim value and the other side’s conduct).


This means the time frames given below can be less or more hours of work. It is advisable to contact our office to discuss your case and any funding arrangements. This first call will not be charged unless agreed otherwise between you and ZIMMERs.


Area of law










Initial advice on Chances of success

(limited review of documents)/ Erstberatung bezüglich Erfolgschancen (beschränkte Durchsicht der Unterlagen

First Pre-action letter/ erstes


außergerichtliches Schreiben (review documents, 20 pages, and writing letter; Durchsicht von 20 Seiten und Aufsetzen des Schreibens)

Complete pre-action procedure (after issuing first pre-action letter)

(exchange correspondence, also with third parties (ACAS) including settlement negotiations)

Motoring Offences
Driving Offences (RTA causing Death/ Injury by dangerous driving)

Circa 1 hour

Circa 1 hour Circa 3 hours
Employment Circa 1.5 hours Circa 1 hour

Circa 4 hours

Debt Recovery Circa 1 hour Circa 1.5 hours Circa 2 hours

Area of law











Drafting Settlement Agreement/Part 36 Offer/ Instalment Agreement








Issuing proceedings

(completing claim documents and reviewing relevant documents)




After issuing proceedings

(procedure complying with CPR and court directions: directions questionnaire, disclosure, witness statements etc.)

Defending issued Claim

(complying with CPR and Court’s directions)





Motoring Offences
Driving Offences (RTA causing Death/ Injury by dangerous driving)

Circa 1 hour

Circa 2 hours Circa 15 hours Circa 14 hours
Employment Circa 3 hours Circa 3 hours Circa 15 hours Circa 14 hours
Debt Recovery Circa 1.5 hours Circa 2 hours Circa 8 hours Circa 7 hours